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In the first edition (only) of Great Western Trail, there was a small misprint on the “B” side of the Red #8 Building Tile. Quartermaster Logistics is proud to work with Stronghold Games in getting the corrected tiles to players who need them.


NOTE: The replacement tile offer expires on Friday, September 28th. 

Bundle Option

Get the Station Master Promo Bundle!

Get your Replacement Tile PLUS the “Great Western Trail: Promo Station Master Tiles” all in one shipment!

As found on CoolStuffInc.com, you can get your FREE Replacement Tile bundled with the new Station Master tiles for just $4.99!

Order Replacement + Promo Tile Bundle

Gameplay Instructions

Shuffle these new Station Master Tiles together with those of the base game. In step 2 of the setup, draw five Station Master Tiles from the seven randomly and allocate them onto the five station master places. The unused tiles are put back into the box.


  • Immediate action: Gain 12 dollars
  • Two permanent certificates

These two tiles do not provide any victory points at the end of the game.

Replacement Tile Only Option

If you would like to pass on the Station Tile promo pack, please click the button below and let us know where to send it.

Order Free Replacement Tile ONLY