Press Release Regarding Blacklist Miniatures

Quartermaster Logistics has been closely monitoring the recent update to the Blacklist Miniatures : Fantasy Series 1 Kickstarter Campaign ( There has been considerable discussion on social media outlets, and in the comments on the update and the campaign itself. There have also been several backers who have reached out to us directly with questions about the update and QML’s plans based on the information provided in the update. We are publishing this release to address our response to this situation.

At this time, Quartermaster Logistics is in internal discussions with the goal of finding a solution that services all parties involved to the best of our abilities. Those include not only QML and Blacklist Games, but also the backers and supporters of the Kickstarter. This is a complex situation with contractual obligations, so while there have been several options put forth by the backers, as well as options that we’ve discussed internally with our leadership, there are some limits to what is possible within those obligations. We’re looking at all the possibilities to establish a solution that is most beneficial to everyone involved.

We ask for your patience as we discuss these options. We will be posting publicly what our plans will be once they’ve been determined. Please note that it will take time for us to make and finalize those plans. We’re happy to see the enthusiasm and excitement from the supporters of this campaign and their offers and suggestions related to fulfillment. Any individual communications through either our social media or customer service outlets will be directed back to this page until we’ve decided on our plans for what’s upcoming.

Once again, we thank you for your patience during this time and we’ll be posting as soon as we’ve got the plans in place.

– Quartermaster Logistics Management Team