Step 1

Backer Info & Product Data

The publisher supplies Quartermaster Logistics with complete backer information and detailed product specs. We take this backer info along with the product data and our team creates a customized invoice accounting for weight, dimensions, type of packaging, shipping speed, destination, customs, freight, and a host of other factors.

Not all campaigns are the same, but many are! We take great care in providing the right fulfillment setup for each project and as such these steps may differ in order or overlap in unique ways for certain customers.

Step 2

Receiving Product

Next in the process is the receipt and processing of the product. We’ll receive a truck, container or several containers of products and prepare them for storage or fulfillment. During receipt, we count the products and inspect for potential damages while referencing packing data provided by the manufacturer.

Step 3

Test Packaging

The next step of the process is the sample packing of a common pledge. We’ll pack up the pledge in the boxes we’ve had in house – or special ordered – and send images to the publisher. This is to make sure they’re happy and confident your pledge arrives safely!
Measure Twice, Cut Once: Alongside the sample packaging, we generate the orders in the system and pass the orders to the publisher for review. This is to ensure an accurate generation of items based upon the backer data. This final data check is used before printing orders for shipping.

Step 4

One Invoice To Rule Them All

Using product weights and shipping destinations, we draft an inclusive invoice which includes all costs. This is one big invoice which covers just about all worldwide charges for fulfillment. This must be paid in full prior to the scheduling and commencement of shipping.

Step 5

Shipping Queue & Scheduling

As projects arrive and we work through the approval steps, they’re placed into our shipping queue. Based upon size, complexity and scope of the project, there can be some slight shifts in this queue to efficiently ship what is in the warehouse currently. This queue is used to manage hundreds of clients so positions may shift for any unplanned issues.

Step 6

Address Verification

As the project’s spot in the queue approaches, we’ll send out a final address verification email to all backers to make sure we have the correct address. We’ll update addresses and prepare to ship!

Step 7

The Campaign Ships

The campaign is ready! How long the shipping will take is determined by how complex the project is, how many backers, and even how big the boxes are. Our warehouse team is focused on packing your pledges with care and processing them quickly.

And that's it!

From factory to door, Quartermaster Logistics is here to help you get your products to your project’s backers faster and easier than any other fulfillment solution. Contact Us and let’s make your next project a success!