Jerry Sunkin

Owner and CEO

Jerry Sunkin is the Owner and CEO of Quartermaster Logistics. Jerry generally lends his insight and expertise toward high-level strategic decisions for QML but trusts and relies on the QML team for day-to-day operational decisions. He enjoys Disc golfing, board games (especially Advanced Civ), grilling, and a very wide variety of music. He also enjoys time with his wife Carrie and his dog Missy.

Seth G.

Vice President

Seth is the VP at Quartermaster Logistics responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. He enjoys wearing the many “hats” that come with the job, from sales to finance, customer service to operations; the job almost never looks the same from day to day and he thinks that is great. His free time is spent with his wife and 2 children, as well as reading (especially everything Brandon Sanderson), exercising, and playing computer and board games (especially Gloomhaven!).

Seth G.

Allison C.

Program Manager

Allison is a Program Manager at Quartermaster Logistics. Overseeing multiple project coordinators, her duties include project coordination, account management, and process improvement. She enjoys hiking and kayaking, exploring new places, Oxford commas, and tinkering with her LEGO collection.

Charles B.

Customer Service Representative

Charles is a Customer Service Representative, responsible for handling daily emails from backers and publishers regarding current fulfillment projects, contacts on shipping issues, updates, and general questions. When not providing assistance with emails or other projects, Charles likes to catch up on an ever-growing stack of comics and get in a few games of Magic: The Gathering.

Mary M.

Billing Specialist and Bid Manager

Mary is our Billing Specialist and Bid Manager, responsible for receiving and sorting incoming invoices and the generation of monthly account and campaign invoices. She also provides estimates for unique shipments and future projects. Mary is a graduate from the University of Central Florida and has been working with Quartermaster Logistics since 2018. In her spare time she enjoys reading books, playing video games, and, of course, board games.

Sean P.

Fulfillment Specialist

Spreadsheets and data are Sean’s specialty; he’s a Fulfillment Specialist who turns data into orders and creates tools to make coworkers’ lives easier. While he may manipulate some of his own personal data off the clock, more often he’s playing video or board games with his friends…and proudly showing off his personal spreadsheets.

Tabitha B.

Fulfillment Specialist

Tabitha has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and applies this knowledge to her daily duties as a Fulfillment Specialist. These skills are transferred to generating weekly orders and managing the Parts Fulfillment Team. In her spare time, Tabitha enjoys slaying monsters in both the digital world and pen and paper games.

Robert W.

Project Coordinator

Rob White is a Project Coordinator and a steward of great campaigns from start to finish. Guiding customers through somewhat tricky processes is his forte, and he has ca background in logistics and transportation management. In his spare time he plays his X Box, cheers on the Jaguars, or just hangs with friends and his cat Gidget.

Chris O.

Fulfillment Manager

As the Fulfillment Manager at Quartermaster Logistics, Chris works with the team to get Kickstarter campaigns ready for shipment from our warehouse and guides the regular fulfillment of day-to-day orders. Chris also handles all social media posting and replies to those who reach out on Facebook and Twitter. Prior to the tabletop industry, Chris worked for a decade in the restaurant industry and it is still one of his passions. He also spends his free time researching the Obremski family history.

Ali P.

Customer Service Representative

Ali is one of our Customer Service Representatives who works hard to take care of backer and client needs alike, including handling replacement orders and tracking investigations. She is particularly fond of creating a positive experience for all she meets, digitally or otherwise. If she isn’t behind the screen working her magic, you can often find her under a blanket of cats with a warm cup of green ginger tea, lost in a novel.

Angela E.

Project Manager

With a background in Customer Service and Project Management, Angela brings her passion for communication and spreadsheets to Quartermaster as one of our Project Coordinators. She loves using her skills and experience to help publishers take their projects to the finish line and backers’ doorsteps. When Angela’s not helping to ensure a publisher’s project is running smoothly, you’ll likely find her with a cup of tea in hand reading a new fantasy novel or playing a game with friends.

Robbie C.

Sales Consultant

Robbie is a Sales Consultant at Quartermaster, helping potential clients walk through all the options for fulfillment to make the best decision for fulfilling their project. Before joining QML, Robbie was a manager and regional trainer with CoolStuffGames for 6 years.

He has a passion for customer service, training, and helping others. He is also a UF graduate, enjoys playing sports, and is secretly obsessed with chocolate milk.

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