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We are confident that Quartermaster Logistics can provide the best service in the industry. Here is some feedback from actual customers.

“I’ve been using Quartermaster Logistics to ship my fundraiser rewards for several years, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner to work with. They are fast, thorough, and seem to read my mind when it comes to delivering the best experience possible.”

Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower
Nauvoo Games

“I was awed by how they got through our fulfillment list in 24 hours with next to zero errors. Although we've used several good third-parties in the past, it has become abundantly clear that QML is the A-team we have been looking for in a partner. We plan to use them for many more operations in the future.”

Nauvoo Games

“Quartermaster Logistics is a phenomenal one-stop solution to worldwide backer fulfillment and product warehousing! They work with tier-one fulfillment centers around the world to expertly pack and ship your product. Their customer service is prompt, courteous, professional and friendly! They handle everything from bulk shipments to small replacement parts! I have online access to my entire product line and can count on them to ship anything, anywhere, at anytime! I don't know what I'd do without them.”

Odd Bird Games

“Our relationship with Quartermaster Logistics has been uneventful in the best way. Shipping and fulfillment has remained consistent and reliable. They’ve also been great for fulfilling our Kickstarter projects with fast and accurate turnaround with proper packaging of TMG’s games.”

Tasty Minstrel Games

“They managed to ship over 1100 games in less than 3 days in the most flawless way. Perfect execution while being constantly accessible and listening. I warmly recommend them.”

Lucky Duck Games

“It was a very pleasant experience. Everything that was expected on their end was delivered and most importantly, the communication is superb. They offered their help with everything we needed and more. Happy to work with them again.”

Final Frontier Games
Pandasaurus Games logo

“Really quick turn around and amazing customer service for the handful of issues that cropped up. Pack out was also beyond top notch. I cannot recommend them enough for KS fulfillment.”

Pandasaurus Games

“I can't recommend Quartermaster Logistics enough as a fulfillment partner for any Kickstarter projects. Seth and Chris are extremely quick and thorough in their replies to all questions. Their quick order fulfillment, safe packaging, and affordable rates make working with QML a no-brainer.”

Piecekeeper Games
Elixir Games Logo

“To me, the fulfillment process went seamless and it was fantastic that I didn’t have to figure any of that out on my own. They figured out the best ways to get my games to their destinations and used their network of trusted fulfillment partners to take my project to the finish line. It was a great way to finish the project.“

Elixir Games

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