The Quartermaster Logistics Partner Program is our chance to create a partnership for those outside the US market to get their products listed on and!

Why Partner with Quartermaster Logistics?

Bring your game to untapped markets

Take advantage of the vast US marketplace

Harness the power of the two largest US hobby game retailers

Keep your focus on making great games

Services and Features

World-Class Shipping & Fulfillment

Quartermaster Logistics are the world’s premier fulfillment and logistics company. We have decades of combined experience from our team to get your products in the hands of customers safely and securely. We are the experts when it comes to shipping gaming materials across the world, uniquely qualified to deliver your products in exactly the condition your customers expect.

Full Service Customer Support

If there’s are any issues with customers regarding your product, we’ll handle all of the contact, resolution, and follow-up for all cases. With our rapid response times and courteous employees, we’ll ensure that any concerns that may arise will be taken care of quickly and succinctly.

Amazon Sales

We’ll get your product on one of the largest shopping sites on the planet: This includes listing your items on US Amazon and fulfilling the orders as necessary from our warehouse to the customer. We’ll ensure prices are accurate and your stock levels stay at appropriate levels as sales continue based on your instructions.

Distributor Fulfillment

Need to get your products in the hands of Alliance, ACD, GTS, PHD, Southern Hobby and more? We are here to help. Per your discretion we will get your products into the hands of any North American distributor.

Online Up-to-the-Minute Inventory Tools

Want to see what your stock levels are in real-time? We got you covered. With a custom login to our backend system you’ll have access to see all of your products and how many we have in stock.

Online Reporting Tools

What were your sales over the past 30 days? 60 days? Since the last report you ran? We have all of this information at your fingertips. Looking for a certain metric or data set? We are constantly improving our reporting tools and often integrate customer requests.

Consignment Sales Opportunities on

The name synonymous with online hobby game sales, has a massive retail presence online, including partnerships with and to advertise to the largest customer base possible.

Exclusive List of Relevant Reviewers & Online Influencers

Not all products are for all customers. Same with product reviewers and influencers–and we can help with that. We have a specialized list of review outlets and influencers so you can send your games to the right people, exposing them to your exact target demographic. Note: This does not guarantee the reviewers or influencers will create content around your product.

Additional Advertising Opportunities

Getting listed isn’t always enough. What can take your partnership–and games–to the next level? Here are some additional opportunities your partnership may be able to take advantage of!

  • Banner Ads
  • Feature on Slider & Product Spotlight
  • Newsletter Inclusion
  • Social Media Blasts
  • Advertising
  • Extended Marketing on featuring photos & unique copy written for your product!
  • Targeted Facebook Advertising

Not all partners qualify for these benefits. Talk to your Quartermaster Logistics representative for details!